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Web Magic, LLC uses the leading edge technology to provide digital solutions to its clients. With our technological expertise each project has exceeded customer expectations of success. From mission critical e-commerce applications to online promotions, Web Magic, LLC works to help establish clients as the online leaders of their business field.

Today most businesses, the Internet is no longer a new phenomenon; in fact it is as much a part of their lives as their phone line or fax machines. Almost all businesses, from industry giants such as IBM to mom and pop stores, have an on-line presence. But what about the college students, the stay at home mom down the street, or your daughter's soccer coach? While new businesses continue to penetrate the Internet every day, the lure of the World Wide Web is calling out to a new group of consumers. 

Our mission is to make professional web site development affordable for your company, big or small. There are of course, variables that go into web site design. We offer sites with a fixed price, so even the smaller entrepreneur can afford their own page; but, we also offer custom design for customers on a less restricted budget, so all our customers may obtain the best possible page to promote their business.

We publish well-organized, attractive and professional web sites for organizations, businesses and personal use. Whether you require a new Internet presence or a web site redesign, our experience can bring success to your project.

Web Site Design offers, Hosting, HTML Programming, Custom Graphics, Javascripting, Shopping Carts, Scanning, Animated Images, Banner Creation, Digital Imaging, Registration, and Site Maintenance.

Mistakenly, many businesses think success will immediately result from publishing of a web site. A business on the web is like any other. It takes creative planning and advertising to get visitors to your site. That is where we can help you. We build your pages with the best key words and submit your site to Internet search engines.

We believe you will find our design rates competitive, if not more affordable than most Web Designers. Web Magic, LLC offers a friendly, personalized approach to design, leading to site recognition and profitability.

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